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  1. Stephen Phillips says:

    Here we go again! Have a great trip and cannot wait to follow your travels through the blog. Best wishes, Steve


  2. Stephen Herbert says:

    Hi Gordon
    Heard you’d set off and reached Poland safely (via DerekT). We’ll be interested in your progress on the blog and wish you luck on your journey!
    Stephen Herbert & all at VMCC Cheshire Cats


  3. Chris Robinson says:

    You are mad. As usual. GOOD LUCK GORDON. Have a superb ride. Will be watching your progress. In inspiration as I ride through Salford yet again. All the best, Chris


  4. Pete Snidal says:

    Well, THIS makes my day! I’m about ready for another of your wonderful travel books, Gordon! I especially look forward to what you’ll have to say about living conditions in the countries through which you travel – your insights on Syria were very enlightening to this follower of international news through such as RT and PressTV as well as our usual Western Newstwaddle!
    And your best choice of mount, yet! If that old wartime AJ won’t make it through, nothing will. Your previous books tell me of your resourcefulness on the road, following a very careful preparation beforehand, and I’m as confident as you that you’ll do just fine! Best of luck just the same, though! 😉
    I’ll be following the blog closely, looking fwd to being a charter purchaser of the book, and with you all the way in spirit, if not in tired old bod! As we say in Canada, Give ‘er!

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  5. Norrie says:

    Best wishes on your latest two wheeled adventure Gordon. Have enjoyed immensely chatting about and reading of your previous trips and look forward to hearing more about this Vietnam challenge. You are achieving what many people can only dream of doing. Enjoy and take care.


  6. andy deane says:

    well done sir. you will do this adventure with ease,just like the previous trips I am looking forword to reading all about it.


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